Wanstead Parking Scheme Consultation


1. Introduction

Parking in Wanstead is a real problem and we want to find a solution that is right for the area. One that deals with the present and future pressures on parking spaces but also takes into account the needs of businesses, residents and shoppers.  To do this we’re proposing a number of changes to make parking in Wanstead easier and more convenient.
Among the parking problems that we feel need to be addressed are:
  •  The difficulty for shoppers to park on Wanstead High Street, which is close to 100 per cent full between 11am and 5pm - half of these motorists park for longer than three hours. This makes it difficult for shoppers to find a space close to the shops 
  • Residential roads see a substantial amount of non-residential parking. 60 per cent of the parking in many roads is taken up by people parking for less than three hours, and after 2pm these roads are fully parked 
  • Free on-street parking is being used by commuters into London, shoppers visiting Westfield, and people attending events/matches at the former Olympic Stadium 
  • Commuters and other long-stay parkers occupy more than 350 spaces each day
  • Newham are changing their parking rules which could mean more motorists from outside the area start to park in Wanstead
This is a full and thorough consultation so we can hear your views on parking in Wanstead. Your views are important and they will feed in to a final report before any decision is made about how best to proceed.
Parking is a very difficult balancing act, we have to take into account many factors and try and find the best way forward.  We know that means we can’t please everybody but we have to do what we think is best for the whole area.

Please click here to find out more detail about our proposals.

The closing date for this consultation is Friday 5 May 2017. All of your views will be considered alongside detailed information about parking in the area. A decision will then be made about how best to proceed. Following this there will be a 21 day period for anyone to log objections which would then be considered.

All personal details provided will be treated in the strictest confidence in accordance with the Data Protection Act. The Council will not share any details with third parties.